Types Of Shower Doors To Consider For Your Bathroom

Types Of Shower Doors To Consider For Your Bathroom

There are many types of shower doors and choosing the right one can be challenging. It is important to choose a door that looks good, functions well, and will last for years to come. Choosing a shower door is more than just looking at it. It is important to consider a few key factors before purchasing a shower door. The reason is that some doors can be very aesthetically pleasing while others can be very ugly and break down the look of the entire shower area.Feel free to find more information at Allied Glass and Mirror, Red Bank.

Both frameless and framed shower doors are usually made from a variety of tempered glass, which can then be treated for simple cleaning. Framed doors are often made from the same glass with an even thicker pane of glass, however, because there’s no frame to support it, the door is more prone to breaking or becoming damaged. frameless shower doors have fewer joints and tend to be made out of a heavier type of glass because there’s not a lot of room to play with once the shower door is in place. These types of doors also tend to be cheaper compared to frameless showers.

When choosing which type of shower doors to install in your bathroom, it’s important to take note of how easy they are to clean. Shower curtains are easier to clean since they don’t have glass panels, but shower doors have glass panels that tend to collect and build up a significant amount of mildew if not properly maintained. Mildew is not only unattractive; it also can become harmful to your health over time, especially if you have asthma or allergies. It’s best to avoid using chlorine when cleaning your shower doors as this chemical is very harsh on glass panels and can make them break down over time.

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