The Kindle’s, Houston – Book For the Whole Family

The Kindle’s, Houston – Book For the Whole Family

The Kindle School, located in Houston, Texas is an innovatively designed home-study program designed for parents of young children interested in the written and artistic arts. Each week, students visit the school and complete a program of study focused on a specific aspect of art and literature. A special emphasis is given to those areas of art and literature that children are most interested in reading and writing about. Each student also receives a personalized workbook each week that they can use to practice their skills while they are at home. The program is not overbearing and does not require that children be compelled to participate; however, the weekly schedule does request that children be present for some of the sessions. To learn more about the The Kindle School, Houston

The program was created by a group of mothers who were passionate about reading and writing, but had difficulty finding a program that would allow them to do so while at home. The program is not only beneficial to these mothers who were already mothers, but is also beneficial to new mothers who wish to further their educations without having to quit their jobs. The program makes it possible for mothers to get their daily child treatment while also engaging in a fun and entertaining activity. As mothers progress through the program, they will be offered many books to continue their education through.

The Kindle’s Houston program is an exceptional resource for all concerned. As a mother, I know that nothing can substitute the experiences and guidance of an actual mother while still being just as capable and resourceful as a book can. It is also a wonderful way for my children to connect with me and learn about the importance of literacy in our modern world. The program teaches my children valuable lessons such as self-esteem, responsibility, and independence. Reading books to your children has never been so much fun!


The Kindle School
5317 Darling St, Houston, TX 77007
Phone Number : (832) 504-6789