The 4 Key Signs Of Roof Repair Emergency

The 4 Key Signs Of Roof Repair Emergency

What Counts As a True Roof Repair Emergency? There are many different circumstances that easily define as a true roof repair emergency. Here are 4 key scenarios: A tree, branch, or even other falling or moving object has slammed a large hole in your roof to allow water and debris to enter your house. This usually results in at least part of your roof caving in on itself, and there’s nothing much to stop the intruders and weather from entering inside your house. If you’re lucky, you might be able to salvage some shingles, but repairing the roof may prove to be a Herculean task involving high voltage power tools, and a whole lot of clean up.You may want to check out Roof repair for more.

Leaks: Roof leaks and holes left unnoticed are a major cause of damage to roofs, causing untold damage to both your property and your wallet. One way to identify if you have a leaking roof repair, or a suspected leak, is to examine the underside of any eaves or flues near your foundation. Any water spots should be immediately reported to your roofing company.

Roof Deck/Rooftop Dampness: If your roof has experienced significant rainfall, you may notice water seeping into the seams of your roof deck or attic. Even if you’ve done everything to prevent any leaks, this scenario can be easily remedied with roof repair. Typically, roof deck dampness occurs when snow and rain have gathered above the gutters and blew into the roof deck, creating pockets and pore spaces that are slowly expanding due to the expansion and contraction of the materials they’re made of. Repairs that address these pockets and pore spaces can eliminate or minimize the amount of time your roof will be flooded.


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