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Bob Piva Roofing Chronicles

A roofing services company also called a roofing contractor is the company who will either put a new roof on your home or will do a roof replacement. They may also service the roof for maintenance or repair purposes.
When you have to call a roofing services company you may be looking for a new roof on a new home. Have a look at Bob Piva Roofing, Escondido for more info on this.

There are a lot of roofing materials that can go on a new home. A lot more are available than in past decades. Asphalt shingles have been used for about one hundred years.

Slate has been a popular roofing material in the past. Slate will last almost forever. But slate is about ten times more expensive than asphalt shingles but it will also last over one hundred years. If you have ever seen an old slate roof it is really a glorious looking roof.

If you have to repair your slate roof it does take some effort and also some money. Today there is synthetic slate made with slate dust in a glass fiber resin or cemented fiber. So you can get the slate look with out the cost of authentic slate tiles.

Of course, metal roofs have become more popular on residential buildings as in the past few years. But if you are looking to install a new metal roof make sure you choose a roofing services company that has installed a metal roof on residential buildings before. Metal has a lot of pluses like it is almost maintenance free.

It is light weight and is also energy efficient. In fact some cities give an energy discount if you use a metal roof on a residential building. It does not decompose and it comes with a thirty to fifty year warranty. It also reflects the sun so energy costs may be lower. It may have to be sprayed off once in a while.

Red tile roofs and concrete tile roofs are also very popular as new roofs on new homes. They are rated Class A fire rated and may withstand seismic movement. They are heavy and cost more than asphalt shingles or cedar shake. There are a lot of roofing material choices and these are only a few. When you choose your roofing services company to put a roof on your new home you are need to chose an experienced company that can install your roof in a professional manner.


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The 4 Key Signs Of Roof Repair Emergency

What Counts As a True Roof Repair Emergency? There are many different circumstances that easily define as a true roof repair emergency. Here are 4 key scenarios: A tree, branch, or even other falling or moving object has slammed a large hole in your roof to allow water and debris to enter your house. This usually results in at least part of your roof caving in on itself, and there’s nothing much to stop the intruders and weather from entering inside your house. If you’re lucky, you might be able to salvage some shingles, but repairing the roof may prove to be a Herculean task involving high voltage power tools, and a whole lot of clean up.You may want to check out Roof repair for more.

Leaks: Roof leaks and holes left unnoticed are a major cause of damage to roofs, causing untold damage to both your property and your wallet. One way to identify if you have a leaking roof repair, or a suspected leak, is to examine the underside of any eaves or flues near your foundation. Any water spots should be immediately reported to your roofing company.

Roof Deck/Rooftop Dampness: If your roof has experienced significant rainfall, you may notice water seeping into the seams of your roof deck or attic. Even if you’ve done everything to prevent any leaks, this scenario can be easily remedied with roof repair. Typically, roof deck dampness occurs when snow and rain have gathered above the gutters and blew into the roof deck, creating pockets and pore spaces that are slowly expanding due to the expansion and contraction of the materials they’re made of. Repairs that address these pockets and pore spaces can eliminate or minimize the amount of time your roof will be flooded.


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Roof Repair Guidelines

It means that winter is almost at your door as the fall begins to get colder and the days begin to get shorter. Winter brings along a number of house-related concerns, and among them are roofing issues. Homeowners can face numerous roof problems during the winter, including the development of ice dams, condensation, and damage to the house. Owing to the environmental conditions, these issues are difficult to cure in winter, but can be avoided if you take good care of your roof in fall.Do you want to learn more? check it out

Fall is the perfect time to plan your house for winter, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop being haunted by these problems. So even if before winter you did all the roof repair and maintenance jobs, but still face problems, don’t despair. You’ve got to get these issues resolved immediately.

In this article, we will cover some very basic tips for roof repair and maintenance that will help you get through the winter months without much trouble.

Maintenance of Dropping roof

Inspect your roof for any damage or degradation during the fall, and if you notice any, immediately get them repaired. You need to be much more cautious and proactive in winter. Regularly check for any signs of build-up of ice bars and ice dams, especially after a snowstorm or windstorm, etc. Make sure that no dirt, ice, snow, dead leaves, etc are obstructed by your fascia and downspout. To remove excess snow accumulations, use a roof rake.

Flashing and restoring chimneys

If you see some leakage or droppings on the roof around the chimney area in your home, that means the chimney flashes are leaking. As well as the roof, this could damage the chimney. So just get your chimney and flash properly tested in the fall, and get it fixed if something is wrong. If not, your roof repair company can also employ a chimney repair company for the chimney operation. If the flashing repair job is intended to be DIY, pay proper attention to the temperature to prevent the adhesive used in the repair from freezing in cold weather.

Repairing Shingles

At every point of the year the shingles that use certain metal fasteners or are bolted down can be fixed or replaced. You need to pay additional attention, however, so that the roofing material does not crack or break. If you are aware of your roofing material’s properties and know how to patch it go ahead, get the job done. But if you have no idea, don’t get on the roof and even more damage the roof.