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Some of the best exercises- Insights

Walking is a tremendous exercise for most of us. Best of all it’s a comfortable exercise but offers so many benefits. One thing about starting a fitness program as I’ve always said is make it somewhat comfortable to start and gradually build the degree of difficulty. You don’t want to dread working out or any part of your exercise program. If you do, you’re more than likely not going to keep it up and that’s the last thing you want to do. Browse this site listing about primedisclosure.com/6-greatest-exercises/

Walking offers cardio fitness, ad work, leg tightening and conditioning and just overall conditioning. Walking will help in any weight loss program as it burns calories and keeps your metabolism at a high level even after you’ve stopped. Studies have shown that women who walk 4 hours a week, kept weight off generally much more than women who didn’t. Try to walk at least 45 minutes a day swinging your arms and walking briskly. This will tend to burn over 240 calories each time and over the course of a week, 1200 calories if you’re able to walk 5 days.

Start with a good heel to toe stride and with the other arms swinging exercises you’ll get a great startup workout. For about a minute try walking quickly on your toes in short steps. Might look funny but you’ll feel it. Push up to the sky with your arms bent for about 20 seconds at a time.

Next forward lifting each leg as high as you can twisting to the opposite side. Touch the inside of your leg with your hand. Nest place your hands on your hips and cross over with each foot. These are are all fun variations to the basic walk but mainly it’s the walk that’s important. These exercises keep it interesting.

After you’ve finished your walk, grab a pair of 3 or 5 lb dumbbells and half crouch, lifting the weights away from you in the air with straight arms. One thing I recommend is to play lively music with a nice fast beat. This will keep you motivated to walk at a quick pace. It really works.

Other exercises you can do while walking is to rotate your arms in a circle about 3 times in each direction. Make a fist with each hand and turns your palms straight up and your hands near your hips. Bring your arms straight up in a pulling motion. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and your upper back muscles. Do about 25 reps. Another quick easy upper body exercise as you’re walking is to push straight out with both arms. Then lower and raise them with your palms up. There’s so many variations to all these exercises and you can make up some. The key is that will add to your overall workout but none of it will seem difficult. You’ll enjoy it.

Gradually increase the length of your walk or change the course to a hillier climb just to add variety and toughness. Keep this up and you’ll be shocked as to how much better you feel, how much more toned you’ll be and how much weight you’ve lost without really even thinking about it. It’ll also help your conscience when having that odd extra glass of wine. Happy Walking.