Shutters Chronicles

Shutters Chronicles

Are you tired of the vinyl window blinds or aluminum that takes away from your home decor? Do you wish for something a little more elegant that you could be proud to show off to your friends and neighbors? Wood blinds are a little bit more expensive than the aforementioned blinds, but they are well worth it when you are looking for elegance in your home. Wood blinds have been used for centuries as the only way to cover windows in certain parts of the world. Bamboo has a rich history in Japan and Asia and so does the wood blind.Learn more about us at shutters

Wood blinds can be made out of any material. More commonly, basswood is used to create the wood blinds. It is up to you what type of wood blinds you will have in your home. They are a horizontal blind with a rope system. This system tends to be less tangled than the counterparts available are simply because the pulley system is simpler.

Wood blinds tend to offer better cover from the sun in any room. Vinyl blinds still allow sun in through the string holes and the slates; where as the wood blinds are of a thicker material and designed to over lap just a bit to create a better closure.

There is an extra step you have to take when you own wood blinds. They tend to be weathered in the sun from exposure so you need to make sure they are kept lubricated. In other words, every so often you will want to re-stain the blinds to protect against the weathering of the sun. It is an easy process and probably should be done once a year.

Installation of the wood blinds is just as easy as other mini blinds. All the things you need to install them will come with the packages, except of course the tools. You will need to know the window measurements before shopping for window blinds and you may even need to special order some of your wood blinds for specific windows. It is important to note that if you want a special style wood blind you will need to go to a curtain and blinds shop rather than your local hardware store.

Wood blinds offer an elegance and sophistication to your home d├ęcor. They also offer an old world look to your home than the newer mini blinds available. If you are shopping for wood, blinds do not be surprised if you have to order them or go to a specialty shop rather than your local hardware store.