Orange County Tiles Chronicles

Orange County Tiles Chronicles

One of the most frequently asked questions in tile shops is: “How to install tiles in a splashback area?” Every tiling expert has been asked this question, and it is not just the installation part that interests people, but the process as a whole.

When it comes to installation of tiles in the splashback area, there are a few vital things to consider. The first is that proper measurements should be taken in whole tiles. You can do that by using a tile and marking the space on the wall to determine how many you will need. Then, you need to decide if you are going to need to install a row of half-tiles, based on the curve of the splashback. You can get additional information at Orange County Tiles, Anaheim.

Then, follow these tips for installation:

Measure the basin width – before laying out any tiles, you must take the width of the basin and determine a centre point mark on the wall. As it was already mentioned, measuring should be done in whole tiles. One thing that all tile shop experts warn is to not forget the edging strip as that is one mistake novice DIY-ers often do.

Lay out a full row of tiles – laying out an entire row of tiles should be done with spacers and edging on both ends. Next, use a wooden batten piece of the row length and mark every tile and join position on it. This will serve the purpose of a gauge rod. You can also use it as a lower batten for the half-tiles on the bottom row.

Centre the batten on central vertical line – after determining said line by drawing a line from the focal point of the splashback to the upper limit, you need to fix the batten. Masonry nails work nicely for this purpose. See to it that it’s appropriately levelled with a spirit level.

Apply adhesive – applying adhesive is best done by using a notched spreader. See to it that it is applied evenly across the entire area of the splashback.

Start from the middle of the row – any expert from the tile shop will tell you that it is best to start from the midst of the row. Then work your way on either side, applying tile spacers as you go. Once you are done with this first row, start the above one by following the same procedure. It is wise to wipe off the adhesive that ends up on the surface of tiles as you go before it has dried out.

Implement glazing trim – applying a matching style glazing trim will give the splashback a finished look. Make sure the joints of the trim match the tile length so that it lines up neatly.

Remove the batten and implement half-tile row – now that you have finished the splashback, for the most part, it is time to deal with that final row. Cut the fitting size, but remember that a bead of silicone sealant will need to be applied between the tiles and sink. Once the adhesive dries out, the bottom gap can be sealed.

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