Lawyers – When You Don’t Need One

Lawyers – When You Don’t Need One

Please notice that this article is directed at individuals who think they need a lawyer from Illinois. Have a look at Chicago Dui Attorney.

Many people believe they need a lawyer from Illinois. Some do, but some people don’t need an attorney from Illinois, they need a lawyer in another state, or they don’t need a lawyer at all. Here are ten common examples we have come across:

You’re going through a divorce, and even though you’re married in Illinois, you and your family are not living in Illinois at the moment. Either of the parties must have stayed there for at least the last 90 days in order to apply for divorce in Illinois. In other words, just because you got married in Chicago doesn’t mean that in Cook County you’re getting divorced.

You live in Peoria, but your deceased father was a California native. You’d want to find one in California, ideally close to where your father lived, if you’re looking for a probate lawyer.

The Illinois State Secretary has just revoked your Illinois driver’s license after you were suspended for drunk driving in Ohio. You need to clear up your concerns in Ohio first and can search for a lawyer there in order to get your Illinois license restored.

You were scammed on eBay or another website by a person from Florida and he owes you money. You are better served by finding a lawyer where, in this case, Florida, the person you need to sue is located.

You had a back injury when you worked in Iowa as a laborer, but you live on Rock Island. If you have been employed in Illinois or your job is based out of Illinois, you can not seek an Illinois worker compensation attorney.

Although your work is based in Illinois, your non-compete arrangement is subject to the laws of New Jersey, where your business is located. Don’t recruit an attorney for jobs in Illinois. Seek one in New Jersey.

Your child custody dispute is currently being filed in Michigan, and there live your mom and your child. Not only will it not be a good idea to have an attorney for family law in Illinois-because they will not appear frequently before the judge in Michigan who would settle this case-, you will also have to pay your lawyer for the travel expenses, which would be thousands of dollars with each court appearance.