Choosing a Trustworthy Car Repair Mechanic

Choosing a Trustworthy Car Repair Mechanic

From time to time, everyone wants a decent auto mechanic. The question is, where are you going to find a reliable one? By clicking we get more information about the Mecnitecs mobile mechanics, London

There are so many tales of auto repair rip offs by car mechanics that it is difficult for many people to determine where to take their cars for repairs. Here is a story about a rip-off that happened many years ago in Flagstaff, Arizona. The victims were from outside the city in this situation. There was a leak outside Flagstaff on the radiator on their Chevrolet Suburban, and the owners had to have the car towed into the city for repairs.

A few months ago, the Suburban owner had dealt with a mechanic at an Exxon station in Flagstaff and had been handled equally. The owner attempted to call the same Exxon car mechanic to request a tow truck, but when looking for Exxon’s phone number, he read the wrong line in the telephone book. It was from a separate mechanical shop when the tow truck arrived. The Suburban owner decided, because the tow truck was there, to let the tow driver take the car to his store.

The car mechanic told the owner of the Suburban that the car needed a re-core radiator, which was once a standard practice. The bill came to almost 600 dollars. The owner balked, but he was told by the mechanic that that was the normal price. Any mechanic he called said the operation should have been completed for less than $200 when the Suburban owner returned home. For $100, some shops would have done it.

The target of the rip-off called the office of the Attorney General of Arizona to complain, but he was advised that there was insufficient loss of money to involve the Attorney General. The victim gave up the complaint, and thought he’d just have to survive off the $400 rip off. A few weeks later, there was another leak from the radiator. The victim took his car this time to a trustworthy car mechanic who said that no radiator recore had been installed. A spot weld at the leak, an operation that should not have cost more than $20 or $30, was the only repair done by the Flagstaff mechanic.


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