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Your psychiatrist is the one who officially diagnoses you with your disorder(s) and prescribes medications. Appointments are fairly short in duration, some only lasting 15 minutes. When your psychiatrist prescribes medications for bipolar disorder, he or she is ultimately trying to regulate the amount of neurotransmitters (the serotonin and/or dopamine) in your brain. This process can be relatively tricky. When the doctor cannot pinpoint exactly what neurotransmitter(s) are involved, he or she must can only try out different medications to see which ones work and which ones do not work. Have a look at Houston online psychiatrist.

This is why there is no one-size-fits-all medication for bipolar disorder. A certain medication may work wonders for one patient but actually worsen the effects or causes side-effects for a different patient. Each and every patient is a completely different and unique case. You are not going in with a broken arm that simply needs to be reset and put in a cast. You are walking in with many unknown and unseen variables, providing your psychiatrist with a mystery to solve. The good news is that some doctors thrive on this. You want a psychiatrist who has that kind of mindset and is willing to try new things and take things at a slow enough pace to find out what medications really works for you!

The Role of Your Psychotherapist

Despite the medications, you cannot properly manage biplolar disorder without a good psychotherapist. Appointments typically last 45 minutes to an hour. These sessions keep you on path each and every week. They can also provide you with the hope that someday you can manage your disorder(s) and still consider yourself a success.

Medications alone cannot do this for you. While they alter your mind, they do not teach you how to change your behavioral patterns and see new ways of thinking or managing your life. You need a coach, so to speak. With a good therapist, you also have safe place to discuss any or all of your thoughts and feelings. And most of all, you have accountability. A good therapist should provide all of these things. So, it is highly recommended that you find a good therapist if you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Do not just accept any therapist. Find someone who provides all the things described in the previous paragraph. You might be lucky enough to find the right one the first time around, or you may go through two or three before finding the right one. But, it is well worth the time and trial and error process, as regular psychotherapy it is an absolute necessity!