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Know that even if half of what you hear is right, it is still incorrect. My friend is no longer married. I strongly suggest you to visit divorce lawyer to learn more about this. Why can’t I rely on my friend’s wisdom and experience? You could do so, but you should bear in mind that your friend cannot practise law unless he or she is a licenced attorney.Your friend’s expertise would be restricted to what he or she has personally experienced. His or her legal expertise is limited to the facts of his or her case and the law in place at the time. Things change. The law evolves. The result or advice will change if the facts change. Changes in the legislation would also affect the advice.


Your friend clearly lacks the necessary legal expertise and experience to provide sound legal advice.The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner you can understand what you need to know about protecting yourself (and your children and property interests). Even if the breakup is amicable and the parties expect a “friendly divorce,” people often have no idea how to find the problems they need to address. A decent, professional divorce attorney will help you identify the problems you and your partner need to resolve in order to reach a substantive agreement and global settlement. We have been able to point out to client’s areas they had initially ignored and concerns that should be addressed in their settlement negotiations, such as life insurance, health insurance, and children’s educational needs, on several occasions over the years. My partner already has legal representation. Is it really important for me to get one as well? Isn’t it appropriate to have the same lawyer represent us both? The response is a resounding no. When I first started practising law 30 years ago, it was illegal for a lawyer to represent both parties of a divorce, no matter how “friendly” the situation was.

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Children and Divorce-The Effects of Divorce on Children

Kids and divorce figures indicate that these days, an overwhelming 50% of marriages end up in divorce. Whether it’s the second or third marriage, the chances are much greater. No matter what age they are, divorce can be a very difficult time for kids. There are so many changes to deal with, especially because their sense of security will be shaken up by the divorce. Why not look here

Parents must take an active role in deciding whether their children are having a tough time dealing with the difficulty of their parents breaking up when it comes to children and divorce. Here are a few of the most popular divorce effects on kids and some warning signs to look out for:

Trying to “repair” the relationship between parents – No matter how often you try to speak to kids, most of them still believe like their parents’ divorce is their fault somehow. In particular, younger kids are more likely to believe this and want and do something to correct themselves and get their parents back together. Children will often resort to destructive actions such as acting out and rebelling, often try to carry out what they think is the best kind of kid in the hope that their family will be back together again if they are successful.

Depression – Children who have a tough time dealing with the divorce of their parents will often sink very slowly to depression, which is a very dangerous thing. Suddenly, they could stop wanting to go out with friends, lose interest in things and events that meant a lot to them, stop regularly eating or sleeping, and more. Parents are often so busy taking care of the divorce that they do not realise that their kids get depressed. It can lead to very dire effects when depression is left untreated or unaddressed, such as making bad decisions, having an eating disorder, injuring oneself, or even attempting suicide.

Rage – Children who do not respond well to a divorce, particularly towards younger siblings or classmates, may also often show anger and aggression. Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to being angry and violent when they judge their parents’ decisions.

Anxiety – A very sensitive problem may be children and divorce. Children whose parents are divorced will experience acute anxiety and fear for their own relationships in the future. Young children will have a tough time recognising the permanence of a divorce and feel uncertain about their life’s stability and security.
During their divorce, parents must actively seek support for their children, especially if the children appear to show changes in their actions and patterns.