Top Moving Truck Rental Companies

Top Moving Truck Rental Companies

Packing, calling friends and, of course, securing a moving truck rental comes with any step. While there are plenty of moving truck rental companies out there, not only because of their names, but also because of their reputations, there are three that stand out from the crowd. Chances are when you were commuting to work today, you saw one or more of the trucks out. Yes, nothing says time to go like U-Haul, Budget, and Penske when it comes to moving time.I strongly suggest you to visit Etobicoke Cheap Car Rental to learn more about this.

Each business offers several different choices, and it often depends on who offers the best deal. A little bit of data about each moving truck rental company is as follows and what they have to offer:

U-Haul: Probably the best known of all the rental companies for moving vehicles, U-Haul has always been around and it’s not unusual to hear anyone say, ‘We’ve got to hire a U-Haul,’ even though they just mean a moving truck. If you move to the city or move around the country, the organization will meet your moving needs. From a pick-up truck all the way to a 26-foot moving truck, they sell a large range of vehicles. You can rent a truck for a flat rate per day plus extra per mile driven on an in-town move, depending on what your needs are, and they will give you a free quote for an out-of-state move, also known as a one way move. When making your reservations online, U-Haul often offers special rates, so it pays to search.

Budget: Budget is not as well known as U-Haul, but their presence in the rental industry for moving trucks is high. They have a reputation for maintaining a high-quality fleet and sell vehicles from the size of a freight van to that of a large straight truck. Budget also charges a flat fee per day and an additional fee per mile driven for city transport. For a local switch or a one-way drive around the country, you can rent a Budget moving truck. Be sure to book your truck online if you select Budget as your moving truck rental business, as you can use a Budget promotion code and earn an extra discount.

Penske: These are the big yellow trucks that can be seen navigating the highways on a regular basis. The vehicles for Penske range from smaller trucks to massive rigs that can pull a 52-foot trailer. Like U-Haul, they give free quotes on going one way as well as moving in town for a flat per day charge plus extra cash per mile driven. Like others, Penske also provides some discounts when booking online.

If you have any specific concerns that need to be answered, each company has a toll free number that you can call and each company advises that you schedule your reservations well in advance so that you can guarantee that the truck you want will be available on the day you need it. Make sure the truck you need is available and then go for the best deal as far as picking the right one for your transfer.