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Tuckahoe Sleep Clinic Details

A sleep clinic is a medical clinic that specializes in the study of sleep disorders and their symptoms. Sleep studies are performed to discover if there is an underlying medical problem causing sleep disorders or if a person’s sleep habits are normal and can be changed to improve these sleeping habits. A sleep test involves looking at the activities of the human body while it is asleep. There are five basic types of sleep tests that use various techniques to investigate different sleep disorders and medical conditions. These tests all have proven over time that they can provide accurate information about the state of one’s sleep patterns.You may want to check out Tuckahoe Sleep Clinic for more.

One sleep clinic test can look at the behavior of people as they sleep. This test will include measures of heart rate, breathing, brain activity and muscle activity. It will then compare this information with the data from a patient’s medical history to determine if there may be a correlation between the two. Other types of laboratory tests may take place to see if someone suffers from chronic health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or osteoporosis. In some cases, a health condition will cause people to exhibit unusual sleep behaviors, or they may wake up feeling unsupervised.

Many sleep clinics also offer diagnostic testing for conditions that can be responsible for causing sleep disorders and other health problems. Diagnostic testing can help doctors to distinguish between different types of sleep disorders and how they are caused. Some of the diagnostic testing used at a sleep clinic include tests of electroencephalogram (EEG), blood pressure, and temperature monitoring. Some patients may also undergo a psychological evaluation to determine the possible causes of their sleep disorder.