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Know the realities about Mattingly Chiropractic

Most have come to believe that there is no other health care available because of the strong advertising of, and media attention to, so-called miracle drugs, along with highly publicised searches for the cure. Moreover, many are convinced that prescription medications are harmless. The reality is that the majority of medicines prescribed by doctors have various harmful side effects, sometimes leading to loss of life. Studies are legion, such as the one mentioned here. Get the facts about Mattingly Chiropractic
The human cost of medical errors is considerable. Medical errors kill some 44,000 individuals in U.S. hospitals every year, based on the results of one major study. Another research, at 98,000, puts the number much higher. Even with the lower estimate, more people die every year from medical errors than from accidents on the highway, breast cancer, or AIDS. Despite these undeniable statistics, few individuals ask the question, Is modern medical care safe today? Let’s look at chiropractic in greater detail and answer the question once and for all: is chiropractic safe?
The concept of chiropractic is very different from what we have grown accustomed to in the field of modern medicine in our society. Chiropractic is not intended to find a cure for a disease or an illness. It is designed to allow 100 percent of the “innate” potential of the recuperatory powers of our body to function. Rather than against it, the chiropractor operates with the body. Not just a symptomatic condition, the chiropractor treats the entire individual.
The general public’s common concept of chiropractic is a method by which it is possible to alleviate back or neck pain. While this is true, and thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people have found relief from such pain, chiropractic is so much more than that. To discover whether there are any vertebral subluxations, a chiropractor examines a patient.