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Importance Of Managed IT Solutions And Services Company

A Managed IT Solutions and Services company provides its clients with a wide range of services and solutions. For example, they can provide database, storage, network, mail servers, e-mails, memory and operating system administrators to name but a few. Managed hosting is usually a feature offered by the hosting companies as an add on service to the already existing web server. The hosting companies usually provide this as a part of the packages that clients purchase for their servers. In fact it has become such a common feature that most hosting providers now offer managed hosting as a service to their clients. IS&T has some nice tips on this.

There are several advantages of having a Managed hosting solution. Managed hosting is usually much more economical than the in house web hosting as the Managed hosting provider takes care of all the hardware and software and so forth. This results in the Managed hosting provider providing a cheaper solution than the in house providers as they have no overhead costs such as rent etc. Another advantage is that the Managed hosting providers typically provide the same level of security as an in house solution and so forth.

Managed hosting also provides the company with a number of add on services to enhance the user experience on the website. These services include application diagnostics, customized web site templates, e-commerce solutions, testing & integration testing, metering of resource usage, and user management solutions etc. Therefore the provider of the Managed hosting solutions will be able to customize the solutions to meet your specific requirements. Moreover most of the Managed hosting providers provide a control panel interface for ease of access to the client and for quick changes and updates. So, in order to get the best of Managed hosting services ensure that you choose a renowned hosting company that offers all these features and provides for added security options.