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Find Best Locomotive Spare Parts

Locomotive spare parts, also called CTL, are essential elements of a completed locomotive which are utilized in place of those received from the original manufacturer. All locomotive spare parts, no matter what their make or model, have essentially the same function, which is to maintain the running condition of a locomotive. These parts consist of motors, track, wheels, brake shoes, signal lights, couplers, etc. The major difference between these parts and the original ones is that the spare parts have been produced by authorized CITES certified manufacturers for use in place of the original manufacturer’s parts.You may want to check out Falls Church GE locomotive spare parts for more.

All locomotive spare parts, apart from being functional, should also be of high quality to ensure long life and service. The wheels and the brake shoes are particularly susceptible to damage due to wear and tear and need replacement on a regular basis. The wheels should have sufficient life to continue operating properly without having to be changed. The brake light bulbs also need replacement, which are very small and have to be replaced regularly. A locomotive spare parts catalogue will list wheels and brake lights individually, so that one is not required to visit a wheel office for the repairs.

A locomotive spare parts supplier can be of immense help in maintaining a fleet of locomotives, especially when it comes to purchasing locomotive rolling stock spare parts as well as lubricants. Most suppliers have online catalogues from where one can purchase the items desired. These catalogues also contain the technical specification of each item, so that one is able to purchase locomotive parts matching the specifications of their Rolling stock.