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Proposing An Ethical Real Estate Agent Code Of Conduct

In a time when real estate agents seem to have a hit and miss success ratio, it is easy to forget that their entire business depends on one customer. The agent’s sole revenue is the commission of the sale of a home and any time they do not get a client they cannot make a living. Therefore, it is important for a real estate agent to understand that they must never leave a client disappointed and must always put the customer first. The best way to accomplish this task is to build a good relationship with the buyer and listen to all their needs. If the buyer feels that they received great service from the real estate agent, they will be more likely to buy again in the future and to refer your name to others. Sapphire street houses¬†offers excellent info on this.
By implementing these principles into their business and insisting upon high ethical standards it is possible for real estate agents to improve their bottom line and even excel. If a realtor is careful not to give the impression of trying too hard to sell a home then they will be able to turn down more qualified buyers because there will be less competition for their services. Another positive aspect of doing well in business by practicing ethical standards is that it will set an example for other realtors to follow and this can only benefit those brokers who choose to ignore it.
One final reason to support real estate agents who choose to go the ethical route is that doing so shows the United States and other countries that ethical behavior is not a tolerated form of business conduct. To some this might seem like a tall order but it is very much true that ethical practices are what society and the economy depend on. In a weak and questionable world, if consumers feel that they are being dealt with fairly they are likely to continue to purchase from those companies and institutions whose conduct meets consumer expectations. It would also help if real estate agents continued to take the time to participate in national and state associations that are devoted to upholding high ethical standards in real estate. By participating in such groups, which exist in every state, realtors can work to gain the respect of consumers and show that the country is working to protect the consumer.