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Bobcat of Marion – The Best Choice For Your Business

Construction Equipment Rental provides customers with a full range of professional construction equipment. In addition to Cat equipment rentals, we are home to many other top-class brands such as Abrasive Wheels & Builders, Broad Causeway, Cold Steels, Diamond Plate and Krones Inc. With over 1,000 locations worldwide and huge inventory to match, you are sure to find exactly the rental equipment you are looking for to maximise productivity and efficiency at your site. Whether it’s excavating, building, digging, painting, building and more, Construction Equipment Rental is your go-to source for all your construction equipment needs.Learn more by visiting Bobcat of Marion

partner with you in helping you locate the best deals in used construction equipment, or if you have any questions regarding rentals please feel free to contact us. We are always on hand to answer your questions and concerns and would like to share our extensive knowledge of construction equipment rentals and sales with you. Our aim is to enhance your bottom line, so that we help you achieve success. Construction Equipment Rental has helped many businesses increase their profits and reduce labour costs, by providing used construction equipment and sales.

Our expert fleet management team will help you identify the perfect type of construction equipment and trailer for your business needs and expedite your leasing process by processing your application and leasing quotes quickly. As a leading provider of rental and fleet management solutions since 1982, Construction Equipment Rental continues to innovate to suit today’s changing market. We offer an extensive range of pre-owned and re-purposed trailers, modular sheds, storage units, tunnel systems and heavy construction equipment for both industrial and personal applications. In addition to pre-owned and used equipment, we also provide rental services for new and used commercial vehicles. If you are interested in renting any of our products or services please fill out the form below and contact us for more information.