Personal Trainer Education And Certification

Personal Trainer Education And Certification

A personal trainer is someone who has earned an official certification which shows that they have reached a certain level of competence for developing and presenting effective and safe exercise plans for people of all ages or those with special medical clearance to exercise in their particular physical condition. This certification can come from one of two sources; by attending an educational institution that offers training in personal trainer practices, or by a professional organization that certifies the practice. Training programs are more easily accredited because the program requires a certain amount of standardized classroom instruction and hands-on experience in a real life fitness setting with a qualified instructor. However, certification is much easier to achieve and more prestigious. Both programs require continuing education each year as well as continuing education for new developments in the industry.You may want to check out NEPA Fit Club, Blakely for more.

There are several benefits of becoming a certified personal trainer. One of the most common benefits is that clients become more likely to hire a competent person to help them exercise because of the perceived greater knowledge and experience gained from having been trained in this particular field. A certification can also increase the value of a personal trainer’s resume by making it easier to secure higher paying jobs, such as jobs as instructors at fitness centers or gyms or other exercise establishments. The certification can also lead to further certification and increased credentials if one chooses to become a sports coach or trainer in another capacity. Some personal trainers choose to become instructors or coaches at colleges or recreation centers. A personal trainer may work with one group of clients at a time, working with different age groups and types of fitness, or multiple clients over the course of the same week.

Certifications are not necessary for practicing as a personal trainer, although it certainly increases one’s qualifications and therefore makes it possible to take higher paying jobs. Becoming a certified personal trainer requires much more than classroom instruction and experience. The candidate must demonstrate both nutrition and fitness knowledge to pass the final exam. Passing the final exam proves the candidate has both knowledge and ability in an extensive array of exercise science, biology, psychology, physiology, and anatomy. Most states require personal trainer certification before a personal trainer can work in that state, although certification does not guarantee a higher paying job. Private fitness trainers may work in gyms or health clubs, but most have their own offices and may be supervised by a dietitian or other similar professional.


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