Medical marijuana for PTSD – Facts

Medical marijuana for PTSD – Facts

Every day, it becomes more difficult to dismiss medical marijuana’s benefits. Anyone who has used it to treat pain related to a life-altering condition, such as cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, or Crohn’s disease, will tell you how it has changed their lives. see here

How smoking or ingesting a natural herb has changed the way they manage their discomfort and side effects. That the little white pills simply don’t measure up to a range of chemically enhanced pharmaceutical offerings.

Take, for example, side effects. Many prescription medications come with a multi-page warning about the risks of continued use – liver damage is almost always associated with long-term use. When compared to marijuana, which has been shown in studies to cause almost no long-term damage, many patients choose not to smoke. Marijuana is made easier to swallow with baked products, butters, oils, and other natural ingredients.

Medical marijuana is useful for more than just chronic diseases. It has also been found to relieve the pain and nausea associated with arthritis and chronic pain. Many women have found relief from menstrual cramps by using marijuana, and menopausal women have found relief from hot flashes, mood swings, and chills by using marijuana. There are currently research being conducted that suggest medical marijuana could have a beneficial impact on depression and other anxiety-related disorders.

For far too long, the myth of “a bunch of stoners” has followed responsible drug users around. Marijuana, like any other medicinal substance, can be manipulated. Marijuana, unlike any other beneficial prescription drug, is almost impossible to “overdose” on. To classify marijuana as a dangerous substance in the first place is akin to outlawing black cohosh, ginseng, or any of the other herbs commonly used for healing and pain relief in various cultures. It’s an alternative medical course that’s just as valid as chiropractic medicine, and it’s always used in tandem with it to great effect. Chiropractic theory and medical marijuana philosophy are identical: the body and nature have the ability to heal.