Lighthouse Dental Arlington – Facilities Offered

Lighthouse Dental Arlington – Facilities Offered

We also heard a lot about the origins of gum disease and there are many available therapies. Naturally, with proper home nursing, the safest approach to avoid gum disease is. The antibiotics put under the gums will also be managed if you have gum disease. To hold bacteria in place, modern mouth rinses may be administered, so if you require gum treatment, we also have new surgical techniques that protect more of your gums rather than just scraping the poor sections of your gums. These newer surgical procedures are not common to all periodontists, so make sure you inquire about them before your operation.Checkout Lighthouse Dental Arlington for more info.

Teeth missing

Since now there are so many options to repair lost teeth, ensure sure the doctor is up to speed on the newest dentistry. Lost teeth may be substituted by implants that are permanent or removable. Removable substitutes should be created of material that is versatile or rigid. There are benefits and pitfalls of each one. The clips in which they are kept may either be constructed of metal so they may look like your gums. Ask your dentist for explanations on each one to show you. With implants or crowns, non-removable repairs may be carried out. Crowns involve drilling on the teeth, and the bone is placed with implants. Implants nowadays will live longer than crowns, because unlike crowns on them, they do not rot like teeth.


With conventional braces with wires, teeth may be moved and they can be moved with simple aligners. On the teeth, transparent aligners are not obvious and are manufactured using machine assisted design. We will do all forms of braces in our office and often we bring tiny temporary implants in to make the teeth shift. When we analyse the dilemma, we will inform you what solutions are available so that you can make a choice. We will develop a transparent retainer, which is almost invisible, once you finish your orthodontic procedure.