Jewelers – Custom Jewelry Stores

Jewelers – Custom Jewelry Stores

The biggest reason for coming to Rochester NY for custom jewellery is the full complement of jewellery stores you have to choose from, particularly if you live anywhere in the upstate NY area. At the top of the custom jewellery marketplace, this city is exclusive and alone, and as the buyer, you come out on top. Visit us on Jewelry Store-Boyd Jewelers.

Whether it is a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, or some other item, the first decision you need to make is where to shop when looking for a genuinely high quality piece of custom made jewellery in Rochester. Let’s explore a few possibilities with that in mind.

First in Henrietta, you could visit a mall or chain jewellery store like Jared’s. There are stores like this in most major metropolitan regions, and Rochester is no exception. Jared’s certainly has a good range and friendly salespeople, but these types of stores certainly come up short when it comes to genuinely exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs.

Rochester also has a store named The Source on Monroe Avenue, and this store could be a good option if you’re looking for low-priced jewellery. They advertise prices much lower than “mall jewellery stores” and do not get “malled” on their tag-line… It’s very smart, but it still makes me wonder. When they spend too much on ads, don’t they have to lift their jewellery prices?

They seem to have a good range other than that but nothing very special or custom made.

First, we come to the self-employed, and this is what really makes the Rochester Jewelry market stand out. There are many excellent independents, including Webster, Mann’s Jewelers, and Cornell’s Jewelers, including West and Company. Cornell’s and Mann’s are fairly large out of these three, but they also provide custom jewellery and personal service. West and Company based in Webster, is a medium-sized independent jeweller in the European tradition, offering David West Nytch, regarded as his Signature Line, a collection of custom designs.

People are often willing to travel several hundred miles to shop at Rochester jewellery stores like Cornell’s, Mann’s, and West and Company, and when it comes to exclusive, creative, custom jewellery designs known for uncompromising quality, they have really put Rochester on the map. All in all, the discerning shopper has a lot to offer Rochester NY Jewelry, and it is well worth considering a day trip to visit these fine jewellery stores, or even an overnight.