Dog Training- A Closer Look

Dog Training- A Closer Look

Dog training is an application of behavior analysis that makes use of the past antecedent and current consequences of behavior to change the dog’s behavior, either to help it in performing certain tasks or undertake specific duties, or for it generally to behave efficiently in modern domestic existence. There are various types of dog training, which range from simple commands like sit, stay, come, etc., to complex behavior modifications like agility training, dog sportsmanship and obedience training. A1 Kansas City Dog Training, KS¬†offers excellent info on this.

Basic training may be accomplished with the use of treats and praise, without any sort of corrective measures. However, if the task requires a higher level of canine performance, a more significant and specialized kind of training should be undertaken. It is only after the right kind of training, can one expect to see any noticeable improvement in the pet’s behavior. This is where obedience training comes into focus.

Training relies on the reward and punishment system, which basically rely on positive reinforcement for desirable behavior. The positive reinforcements depend upon the dog’s actions and performance; good behavior is then rewarded with affection and rewards while bad behavior is punished. For example, the command “sit” in dog training is followed by a treat which the dog picks up and carries away. A similar procedure is followed when the dog successfully completes a task.

Some dog trainers emphasize the importance of the mixed messages technique in dog training, which is also known as the mixed signal technique. In this technique, positive reinforcement is coupled with verbal praise and rewards when the dog performs appropriately. This technique is quite successful and helps to build a mutual understanding between the dog and the handler. When the handler exhibits superior skill in dog training, then he may become popular among other dog trainers. He can thus command a high price in the market.


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