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Know that even if half of what you hear is right, it is still incorrect. My friend is no longer married. I strongly suggest you to visit divorce lawyer to learn more about this. Why can’t I rely on my friend’s wisdom and experience? You could do so, but you should bear in mind that your friend cannot practise law unless he or she is a licenced attorney.Your friend’s expertise would be restricted to what he or she has personally experienced. His or her legal expertise is limited to the facts of his or her case and the law in place at the time. Things change. The law evolves. The result or advice will change if the facts change. Changes in the legislation would also affect the advice.


Your friend clearly lacks the necessary legal expertise and experience to provide sound legal advice.The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner you can understand what you need to know about protecting yourself (and your children and property interests). Even if the breakup is amicable and the parties expect a “friendly divorce,” people often have no idea how to find the problems they need to address. A decent, professional divorce attorney will help you identify the problems you and your partner need to resolve in order to reach a substantive agreement and global settlement. We have been able to point out to client’s areas they had initially ignored and concerns that should be addressed in their settlement negotiations, such as life insurance, health insurance, and children’s educational needs, on several occasions over the years. My partner already has legal representation. Is it really important for me to get one as well? Isn’t it appropriate to have the same lawyer represent us both? The response is a resounding no. When I first started practising law 30 years ago, it was illegal for a lawyer to represent both parties of a divorce, no matter how “friendly” the situation was.

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Preparing For a Consultation With a Divorce Attorney

There are steps you can take in advance to ensure that your appointment is helpful and fruitful if you intend to speak with a divorce attorney for the first time. Midland divorce lawyer offers excellent info on this.

First and foremost, make sure that the lawyer you are consulting with is qualified in your state to practice law and that he or she has expertise in the area of marital law. Many individuals consult with attorneys who have little to no experience with divorce matters unwittingly. When prospects for lawyers have declined in recent years, even though they have no expertise in the field of marital law, vast numbers of lawyers – eager to attract clients – have misrepresented themselves as divorce lawyers. A recommendation from a lawyer whom you trust is the best resource. You will also find eligible legal representation via the bar association of your county in several localities. A specialized field is matrimonial law. Cases of divorce include financial and emotional difficulties that change life. You do not want to put yourself in a novice’s hands.

You should write down the questions you want to ask the lawyer prior to your appointment. You can also collect all the data that you think could be beneficial. For instance, if past legal proceedings have taken place between you and your partner, all previous court orders and other legal records should be organized and copied. In addition, you would want the solicitor to examine financial difficulties in even the easiest of divorce instances. You could be liable for alimony (also known as maintenance). There may be a division of marital property and marital debts. A list of all the properties that were accumulated during your marriage should be planned. You should make a copy of the most recent tax returns and paystubs as well. Copies of deeds, recent mortgage statements, insurance policies (medical, life and car), records for retirement plans, business interests, wills, credit card statements, and bank statements should also be made. Although the process of compiling and copying these records is tedious, in order to determine the possible financial difficulties, it is important that the divorce lawyer review these documents.

You can take a comprehensive budget of your living costs, such as rent, utilities, and related things, whether you need information or advice regarding food or child care.

If you have a child with special needs, you can provide your children with basic details about any medical, educational or other accommodation they require. As well as child custody issues, such details could be important to child care.