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Choosing the Right Construction Attorney

In on-site construction accidents, third party negligence plays a growing role. Faulty third-party equipment, i.e. broken scaffolding, heavy equipment not properly maintained, or faulty power tools, can trigger an unexpected accident even with the best oversight. Negligent, third parties can also claim partial liability, according to the statute. If you have experienced such an accident, a professional building accident attorney will untangle the guilt of third-party negligence for you.You may want to check out Hayes Law Firm-Construction Attorney for more.

Under this shadow of injury, not only construction workers’ collapse. This same rule of law extends to visitors to a work site or innocent passers-by who suffer injury or death. Recently, in New York City, a prime example of this occurred when a crane fell off the roof of a building under construction and almost destroyed a building across the street, killing many people and injuring others. These victims had little to do with the building site, but were victims of the general contractor’s negligence, product protection concerns and other negligence of third parties that had yet to be determined in court.

A certain portion of the damages incurred by a building accident can be compensated by Workman’s Compensation, but it alone would be woefully insufficient to cover all the costs of a long-term or serious injury such as paralysis, blindness, traumatic brain injury or death. If not adequately compensated, such types of accidents would also throw the victim or the family of the victim into considerable financial trouble. In such cases, negligence by third parties can also play a role in the settlement that an expert building attorney will secure for their client, even though it is not necessary to prosecute the General Contractor. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible is extremely necessary so that evidence of third-party wrongdoing can be preserved and investigated.

The joint and multiple liability laws in California extend to any party liable for the injury of a worker and a good construction accident attorney is eligible to apply this rule of law to the entire injury, including lost income, medical costs and pain and suffering.